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Trilogy of Holidays-

All three holidays mean something individually and collectively, in a definitive link.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon what we have been given and to be grateful.  It is not possible to see what we have been given unless we are humbled.  It is also important to see that while we do the work for what is in our lives, we are given the ability to do this work because we continue to breathe, to drink water, to eat.  We are able to live because of all that we have been given by God. 

Yes, Thanksgiving is a recognition of all that we have been given by God after we are humbled and grateful.

Christmas is another opportunity to see what we have been given, however we will not truly understand this blessing unless we are so humbled to properly ponder upon the blessing of the Christ child, and why he was sent to live upon this Earth.  This occurs while we are on our knees, in humble prayer and reflection.

Yes, Christmas occurred to give all people upon the Earth a fresh start, a renewal, a redemption.

When we are so humbled to comprehend all that we have been given, to understand the influences that have been molding us into who we are today and to recognize that we have the opportunity to start anew through the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we recognize the blessing of the New Year.  The opportunity to willingly change and be better every day.


These are the blessings of the Trilogy of Holidays.

Thanks to Glenn Beck for the understanding I have received, found at this link:  Glenn Beck – Trilogy of Holidays

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